Low-cost, in-home pet care for seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities.


For just $20, you can help a beloved cat or dog stay healthy all year long: that’s 365 days of squeaky toys, tail wags, and love.


Be part of providing affordable and accessible pet care to those who need it most.


The Story Of Our Brand New Mobile Veterinary Clinic



Is Easier Said Than Done

Anyone who has had their heart stolen by a furry friend understands the importance of regular, quality veterinary care. At Veterinary Care Everywhere (VCE), we know accessing this care can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why VCE, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, provides free or low-cost in-home veterinary care to companion animals whose primary caregivers are seniors (70+), are veterans (60+), or have a disability (any age).

VCE provides a wide range of affordable in-home services for dogs and cats, including basic vaccinations, wellness exams, and treatment for illnesses (acute and chronic) and injuries.

Need VCE services or know someone who does? To learn about the full range of veterinary care VCE provides along with client qualifications, keep on reading or call us at (800) 533-1898.

The Story of Our Brand New Mobile Veterinary Clinic

On the evening of November 1, 2020, as Dr. Nicole Sabo sat at her computer writing up patient notes from her day’s appointments, her phone rang. The display showed an unknown number, but given the amount of calls she receives each week from potential new clients, this was not unusual. Dr. Sabo reached over and answered her phone, not knowing this would be the call she had been waiting some time for … years, in fact.
On the other end of the line was PetSmart Charities, joyfully informing her that Veterinary Care Everywhere, Inc., had been awarded a very generous grant to help Dr. Sabo take the next step with VCE: acquiring a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic, which would allow her to expand the services she offers Connecticut’s underserved pets.

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Accessible, Affordable Care

To ensure we can provide care to as many pets as possible, no matter their owners’ circumstances, we keep our fees low. Some clients will even qualify for care at no cost. 

Varied and flexible payment options are available, and we work with our clients to meet pets’ needs even during the most trying of financial times. 

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Every donation is appreciated. People like you make it possible for us to provide access to affordable pet care to those in need.

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Service Areas

VCE is a mobile veterinary service based out of West Haven, Connecticut. We care for companion animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and “pocket pets,” across Connecticut within 60 miles of New Haven.