The Story of Our Mobile Unit

On the evening of November 1, 2020, as Dr. Nicole Sabo sat at her computer writing up patient notes from her day’s appointments, her phone rang. The display showed an unknown number, but given the amount of calls she receives each week from potential new clients, this was not unusual. Dr. Sabo reached over and answered her phone, not knowing this would be the call she had been waiting some time for … years, in fact.
On the other end of the line was PetSmart Charities, joyfully informing her that Veterinary Care Everywhere, Inc., had been awarded a very generous grant to help Dr. Sabo take the next step with VCE: acquiring a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic, which would allow her to expand the services she offers Connecticut’s underserved pets. After a few days celebrating this extremely exciting news and validating vote of confidence with her dedicated grant writer, vet techs and other volunteers, Dr. Sabo got to work on step one: locating a suitable van in the time of COVID-19!
Helping her in this search was Dan McCabe, cofounder and president of Dog Star Rescue. During one of their many conversations during this time, the two decided that joining forces on a mobile unit would benefit both their charities. Already a biweekly volunteer with Dog Star (examining dogs who arrive from out of state into Dog Star’s care), Dr. Sabo knew a partnership with Dog Star would allow her to help even more animals, through VCE as well as Dog Star. The two organizations entered a formal partnership in February of 2021 and soon after purchased a 2019 high roof Ford Transit!
Step one complete, Dr. Sabo and Dan next contracted with Long Island’s Bussani Mobility to expertly equip the van with electrical service and to safely and securely mount the bigger and bulkier items within it. Len Baker, a custom vehicle-build specialist from Danbury, will take it from there, assisting Dr. Sabo and Dan with determining the van’s storage needs and then installing the cabinets and putting in the other finishing touches the van will require on its way to becoming a fully functional veterinary clinic on wheels.
As for the outside of this mobile clinic, the amazing wrap design, incorporating not only VCE’s logos but also Dog Star’s and PetSmart Charities’, is courtesy of graphic designer and friend of VCE Holly Davis of Hello Holly Design. The wrap will be applied by our friends over at Go Graphix out of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
All this work is underway; stop back soon to see photos of each step of the process!
Dr. Sabo would like to thank PetSmart Charities once again for its generous grant in support of VCE.