Who We Are



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The mission of Veterinary Care Everywhere is to provide quality pet care regardless of an owner’s physical limitations or ability to pay.
“Seeing people who love their pets so much, but had to struggle through their own physical pain or limitations to bring them to our office was heartbreaking. Nobody should have to struggle like that to get care for their pet.
My duty as a veterinarian is to help animals, and the lack of resources or ability to get to a veterinary appointment should not cause an animal to fail to get the care they need.” – Dr Nicole Sabo

Who We Are

Veterinary Care Everywhere is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity that provides free or low cost at-home veterinary care for those with need. By providing more easily accessible veterinary care to the disabled, veterans and the elderly Veterinary Care Everywhere helps those who may struggle to transport their pet to a traditional veterinary clinic.
With the help of a generous grant from PetSmart Charites and through a collaboration with Dog Star Rescue, VCE was able to purchase a van to convert into a fully equipped surgical unit. In the very near future, we will not only be able to complete appointments in our fully functional mobile clinic but we will also be able to perform minor surgical procedures to those patients who require them, including spays and neuters.

Veterinary Care Everywhere appreciates all of the support in our mission. Donate to help us to continue to provide affordable and accessible pet care.