Illness and Injury Treatment


Illness and Injury Treatment

Veterinary Care Everywhere is proud to provide a list of basic house-call services for diagnosing and treating sick and injured pets in the comfort of your own home at a very limited cost to you. We are not an emergency veterinary clinic, we cannot accept same-day emergency appointments, and we do not perform emergency surgery. Our staff is highly experienced and fully equipped to diagnose and treat sick and injured patients that are not experiencing a medical emergency.

Mobile Veterinary Diagnostic Services

When a pet is sick or injured, the first step to providing treatment is to determine the underlying cause of the pet’s illness or the extent of the pet’s injury. Many of the common illnesses that ail pets have very similar symptoms, which can make it difficult to reach a diagnosis based on observation, physical examination, and symptoms alone.
Veterinary Care Everywhere is equipped with basic diagnostic capabilities. We have the tools on-hand to measure a pet’s basic vital signs like blood pressure and temperature. Plus, we can take blood and urine samples in your home to be sent away to an outside laboratory for analysis. We typically receive results back the very next day at which time we can determine an exact diagnosis and begin addressing your pet’s underlying health concern.

House-Call Veterinary Care Services Capabilities

While we await your pet’s test results, we’ll provide your pet with supportive care designed to relieve symptoms. In addition to sick pet care, we treat minor injuries, offer wound care, and provide medically necessary grooming.
Some of the most common pet problems we address and treat include:
Depending on your pet’s diagnosis, we might prescribe a medication that will be available at an affordable price from our online pharmacy. Some health issues in cats and dogs can also be adequately addressed with nutritional supplements and dietary adjustments. Our veterinarian will work with you to determine the best course of treatment based on your pet’s needs.

Find Out if You Qualify for Our Low-Cost, In-Home Veterinary Care

Serving Milford, CT and the surrounding areas, Veterinary Care Everywhere aims to help its clients access the veterinary care their pets need. Just because it’s difficult to physically transport your pet to a veterinary clinic, doesn’t mean your cat or dog should have to go without care when they’re sick, injured, or in need of a wellness exam. To find out if you qualify for our low-cost, in-home services, contact us today.