Preventative Care


Preventative Care

Veterinary Care Everywhere is pleased to provide our patients with comprehensive wellness and preventative veterinary care in the comfort of their own homes. Just like people visit the doctor for routine checkups and preventative treatments, pets benefit from receiving regular care wellness care.

Preventative Pet Care Services

Wellness Examination

During a preventative veterinary appointment, Dr. Sabo will talk to you about your pet, how he or she has been doing, and if you have noticed any changes or have any new concerns. We will then record your pet’s vital signs and examine your pet from their whiskers to their tail, looking for any signs of potential illness, disease, or changes to their appearance that could indicate a health concern.


Vaccines are the safest and most effective way to protect your pets from a variety of contagious, dangerous diseases.
We offer the following vaccinations:

Parasite Prevention

In addition to keeping your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date, we’ll also help you protect your pets from harmful parasites like fleas and ticks and the diseases they carry.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

Our veterinarian can also talk with you about nutrition and lifestyle adjustments you can make to offer your pet a healthy, happy life.

The Importance of Preventative Pet Care

We always stress the importance of preventative appointments for pets because they provide our veterinarian with the opportunity to get to know your cat or dog while they are feeling well. We can then establish a baseline of your pet’s health, which will help us identify any changes that occur in the future.
As a result, we’re often able to diagnose new problems as they arise. Without regular wellness exams, health problems can often go undetected and untreated until they have progressed significantly. When illnesses aren’t diagnosed until their later stages, when pets start displaying symptoms, they are often more difficult and costly to treat.
Preventative pet care not only saves you money in the long-run but also saves your pet from suffering pain and discomfort as a result of preventable health problems.

Schedule Your Pet's Next House-Call Veterinary Appointment

We recommend that healthy adult pets have an examination at least once per year. Senior pets, puppies, kittens, and pets with chronic illnesses might require more frequent checkups.
To schedule an appointment for your pet or to find out if you qualify for Veterinary Care Everywhere’s low-cost veterinary services, we welcome you to contact our office today.